Seanmcdon – A Brief Bio

Welcome to the site and thank you very much for taking the time to check it out.

If you’ve made it this far then it is safe to assume that you and me have some fairly common interests – Victorian History, Scottish Culture, Criminology and Celtic FC – all of which will be discussed in depth in both short blog and longer essay format over the coming months here at

But who and what is the driving force behind this?

Well, I am Sean…

  • A community education professional with degrees in both Social Science and Education from Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Stirling.
  • An individual who has, either formally or informally, been politicised from a young age
  • A believer in Socialism
  • A proud working class Glaswegian…is there any other kind?!
  • An individual who is outraged and motivated to seek change by widespread and ever repeating social inequalities
  • A published social historian
  • A continual researcher of 19thC Scotland focussing on structural poverty as effecting the everyday lives of the exploited working classes
  • A critic of Imperialism
  • An individual who is not associated with any political party or movement
  • An individual who talks far too much so has now resorted to writing and publishing a collection of rants, ideas, essays and polemics…

Last, and by no means least, a lover of football, particularly my local and very successful team, Celtic FC.

If you still like what you hear, check out my recent blog posts, have a look around my shop and check out the Twitter page which accompanies the site and please, come again!