The Green and White of Govan: The Contents Page

The Green and White of Govan has, thus far, proven to be one of the most successful and hotly anticipated pieces of writing that I have had the pleasure of putting together.

I have had overwhelmingly warm and positive responses from those who live or who are originally from the Govan parish and to further complement this, many have also shared their personal insights and classic Celtic related anecdotes.

Moreover, some have even given up that most precious of commodities that everyone takes for granted – their time – in order to meet with and further enlighten me, an original East Ender, in the way of the Govan Tim.

The first edition of 5 parts, consisting of a ten minute read each time, will be put out on Monday the 3rd of September via my own web page, and a preview will again be posted by fine editors at The Celtic Star in order to reach as wide an audience as is possible.

I will also be using my own Twitter page @seanmcdon_org to further publicise it.

In this respect all RTs, likes and Follows are obviously, and shamelessly, appreciated.

The topics which I could cover are huge in scope and to deliver proper justice to them, I honestly feel that a fully funded couple of years worth of full time research would not be out of the question – however, I am in the real world where the day job, the bill paying and the wean feeding must always take centre stage.

The following consists of my current Table of Contents and, although this is not exhaustive, I hope that at the very least it helps promote the Tim-ness of Govan culture which has been, for far too long now, known only to a limited audience.

Lastly, the next few weeks worth of Govan focussed Tim-ology, so to speak, should at the very least be appreciated as an initial attempt or scratching of the surface of a topic of tremendous depth.

Incidentally, I don’t envisage this topic closed once my last article is submitted weeks from now, on the contrary, it should be regarded as just the beginning.

Thanks for reading.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The History Edition

  • Neptune St: Govans Irish Channel
  • The Govan Irish and Local Politics
  • Tim-ness and Catholicism?
  • The Ants and The Celtic

Part 2: The Players Edition

  • Joe McBride
  • Andy Lynch
  • The Not So Famous Faces…

Part 3: The Fans Edition

  • A Govan Tim State of Mind
  • Let The Govan Tim Sing: Stories From the Fans
  • The Buses: From Govan to Paradise
  • From Tallies to the TOGA: The Tim Pubs of Govan Past and Present

Part 4: The Matt McGlone Edition

  • Personal Perspective of a Govan Tim: Matt McGlone in his own words

Part 5: The ‘What Next’ Edition

  • Further Reading – The Seán Damer Novel
  • The Govan Tim Community
  • Conclusion

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