The Green and White of Govan Part 8: A Commemorative Magazine With Charity in Mind…Are You In?

And so the Whistle Blows

All good things must come to an end and, sadly, the Green and White of Govan miniseries is no exception to this law of nature.

Originally evolving from it’s embryo of merely an idea in my Tim obsessed head to a much anticipated and well received miniseries, the writing which has further helped put the Timness of Govan firmly on the map to a wider audience week in, week out, is now bowing out from it’s weekly format.

Although it has been a clear labour of love which has flourished from hobby to a social historical capturing of a working class Tim community, to keep it running just for the sake of it would be wrong and the product would no doubt become diluted beyond its original and deserving strength.

Invincibility just doesn’t last forever.

Besides, if I keep writing these articles week to week then I’d surely have nothing left for the commemorative magazine or eventual book.

Time for Something Bigger

Don’t worry, this isn’t the part where I sell out and cash in on a working class community, our stories and our culture.

Far from it.

I’m no capitalist, in fact, as anyone who knows me will confirm, I’m a socialist with a Marxist lean, but I do know the nature of demand when I see it.

Although any tangibly published product needs to be slightly monetised to account for labour time, like most things in life, it need not be shamelessly profit driven.

Indeed, should any profit accumulate from any future sale of a Green and White of Govan text in hardcopy form, then like I have stated for quite some time now in relation to people’s history projects, there would exist a built in charitable donation (20% minimum) on each text sold with the community of Govan being the recipient of the financial donation.

Commemorative Magazine – You in?

To help fundraise any future research and to cater for some of the fees associated with self publishing, I’ve decided to collate all the parts of the series together, along with a couple of new articles, as part of a one off commemorative magazine which could be available as soon as December.

Essentially, it’ll be a 20 odd page glossy finished magazine, a bit like an event programme, with only a limited number of editions available.

As well as the original articles accompanied with an in depth socio-historical context, the magazine will feature a full list of contributors, original artwork, a new article detailing more of the Govan based CSCs fan stories and anecdotes not forgetting another new piece detailing Govan’s current Irish Republican culture.

No more than a tenner I’d imagine.

As stated above, a sizeable chunk of any cash which is accumulated from sales will go towards a charity or not for profit associated with the Govan area, once production costs and labour time has been modestly catered for.


Whether it’s on Twitter, via the site, a chap on the door or by email at, let me know folks.

As ever, if you’ll happily read it, I’ll happily write it.

From Blog to Magazine to Book?

Thus far, the series has had an average of 1100 reads per piece with readers coming as far afield as Armenia and Jordan.

Each piece has been further boosted numerous Re-Tweets per article and collective Twitter impressions have been measured within the hundreds of thousands.

My blog site now has almost 300 signed up email subscribers since it’s beginning less than 10 weeks ago, most of whom have signed up to keep in touch with the Govan articles.

Should there be a decent uptake with the commemorative magazine, then it would seem only correct to celebrate the Timness of Govan in the most official way a writer can, by ensuring a legacy is left through the publishing of a book.

This is the long term goal which would be more of an academic and educational venture than a commercial one and would obviously require months of research, oral history interviews and numerous drafts before any concrete plan be put in place to publish.

Surely after such a tangible legacy is left, Scottish based Tim ignorance, which still sees it fit to equate the term Govanite with The Rangers, would become the way of the original Rangers – in other words – expectedly extinct.

Let The People Shine

As cliché’d as it all sounds, absolutely none of this would be at all possible if not for the tremendous spirit of community as well as the sharing of resource and time of the Govan Tim community.

From the CSCs to the pubs and fan stories, just as football is nothing without the fans, so too football blog media and possible books are not a thing without its readers and contributors.

A good articulation of a people or a community’s history has got precious little to do with the writer and has everything to do with those who have lived, breathed and been happy to share such a history in the first place.

Without you good folk, these articles, commemorative magazine and eventual book just wouldn’t exist.


For the next few weeks I’ll be getting plans put together for the structure and editing of the commemorative magazine as well as initiate fairly intensive grassroots research for the new material for the magazine also.

Hopefully all of this graft will be completed by late November and a shiny new one off Green and White of Govan Magazine will be available to purchase with a local not for profit benefiting also.

Come December, I do have plans to upload more Monday reads via Twitter, this time looking at reasons behind the politics of Celtic fans and their continual and unparalleled support for all things anti oppression within the internationalised context.

But for now, my globe is bound by the parish of greater Govan and this is where, for the next 6 weeks or so, my focus as a writer and researcher will lie so that a top quality magazine can be produced.

Hope you are as excited as I am about the future literary prospects for all things Green and White of Govan.

Thanks for the reads and retweets over the last two months – it’s been phenomenal.


Govan is Green and White



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