The Green and White of Govan is out Monday 3rd of December

A message to all the website subscribers and new arrivals.

Monday the 3rd of December will be the official launch of the long awaited Green and White of Govan commemorative magazine.

The 52 page glossy mag, bristling with pure Govan Tim history on every page, is comprised of all of my previous blogs belonging to the weekly series of the same name with some fresh content regarding the areas Irish identity and long association with Irish nationalism also being added in.

The Govan Irish and Tim culture from early 20thC to the current day have all been researched with many an archive rifled and many an interview taking place, so as to ensure that this one of a kind edition is as accurate and as relevant as it can be.

For either the lover of all things Govan Tim or Celtic FC related and particularly to those who have an appreciation for their city or their team’s social history, this edition will not let you down.

Click onto the Shop tab now to get a sneak peek inside the mag as well as a glance at some of the defined contents list. 

From the 3rd of December there will be an option to buy the item via PayPal added to the Shop section.

If interested then be sure to purchase your very own copy direct from the sites shop for the reasonable price of £7. (plus postage)

Editions are limited however and only a select amount are being made available.

Whether in the comments section, direct to the site contact address or via my Twitter @seanmcdon_org let me know if you’re interested folks and, as ever, thanks for reading.



5 thoughts on “The Green and White of Govan is out Monday 3rd of December

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for the intetest.

      As of the 3rd December there will be a PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button added to the sites shop page. Check back from then on and secure your copy.
      Thanks again


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