A Tims Family Tree: Hunger and Heritage

This new lifestyle of semi-housebound lockdown allowed me the time I needed to categorise, tidy and then publish my extensive family tree research which had taken over five years to amass. Nowhere near completion, the 9,000 word  82 page document consists of a sizable amount of written notes, digital images, copies and originals of birth, … Continue reading A Tims Family Tree: Hunger and Heritage

Wine Alley Tims and Scheme Hooses

The Rare Aul' Times  "Ye see, it wisnae just a bus fulla Celic fans, it was a community. A real community. Ah mean, ye actually grew up oan that bus." Above is a quote from a seasoned Tim from the unfairly labelled Wine Alley (Moorpark) area, once of greater Govan, just off Broomloan Road. Now … Continue reading Wine Alley Tims and Scheme Hooses

Lennon: Bombplots, Bampots and Bigots

An excerpt of an article I first published in 2018: This article will focus on the extent to which Lennon has been the victim of vicious and violent sectarian based attacks whilst a resident of this wee country and the ways in which our Courts have been sluggish and inactive in addressing the true motive … Continue reading Lennon: Bombplots, Bampots and Bigots