Workers of the Terrace Unite?

Different team colours, same flag of resistance or fan allegiance against worker unity…

Celtic FC are currently out in front with no real challenge presented against their dominance domestically speaking, and they appear to have all the hallmarks of a team who simply won’t be stopped at any point in the near future. Not to mention it’s now been two years since they last lost a league game at Celtic Park. For Celtic fans at least, times are good. Very good.¬†

Elsewhere, however, times are bad. Very bad. The so-called “cost of living crisis” is but one example. And I refer to it as so called because, despite a media and government agenda trying its best to convince, actually, this is a very easy to solve problem which is well within the confines of a rich Westminster government.

This ‘crisis’ is typical of any aggressively capitalist right wing country however in that it allows for economic bust periods where prices skyrocket amid static wages and low growth. And all the while, ‘big business’ pompously register record breaking profit margins, such as British Gas as of February 2023.

Utterly sickening.

This is the way of our society however which is greasily maintained by a central government who, in part, benefit from it. And it is the bulk of the electorate of this union of nations who…

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