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A one of a kind 52 page glossy A5 magazine which consists of a Govan ‘Timology’, a social history of the area with a Leftist sympathy as well as including a crucial look at the Irish identity within Glasgow’s Govan from late 19thC to the current day. All of which has been complemented with original and locally sourced photos.

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Some of the contents inside:

A Brief History of The Govan Irish 

– The Irish Channel (Neptune Street)

– The Emerald Celtic Brake Club (1913)

– The Govan Based CSC’s 

– Tim Players From Govan 

– Govan Tims: A Fan Story 

– Govan Tims: Matt McGlone 

– Irish Republican Flute Bands in Govan

– The ‘Doco’

– The James Connolly and Green Flutes 

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I am selling a small collection of my own artwork.

Each image is now available as a framed art print or unframed art print.

Each print is to A4 dimensions and printed to a high quality and professional finish.

The wooden frames are available in black with a heavy duty glass inlay.

Each framed print comes with a white mount.

Should you wish to buy a print without the frame or order a different size, please contact the site or myself directly on:

All images are original and ‘one of a kind’ as they have been all hand-drawn by myself using ink or pencil on cartridge paper.

Price List:

Framed Artwork:
£30 (£4.99 Postage – local pick up available)

Please do not hesitate to submit any query regarding the product.

The images are as follows:

Image 1: Ché

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Image 2: Los Internacionales (Spanish Civil War)

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Image 3: Matt McGinn of the Calton

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Image 4: Dolores Ibarruire – La Pasionara (Black or Red)

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Image 5: Mahmoud al-Sarsak the Palestinian Hunger Striker

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Image 6: John MacLean the Scottish Marxist Revolutionary

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