If you are interested in insightful, well researched and thought provoking Scottish historical content with the occasional football and culture blog added in for good measure as written by a working class Glaswegian, then by all means, continue checking out my websites content.

This is essentially an online platform for my own thoughts, critiques and analysis in relation to the above mentioned topics and ALL views expressed here on the site belong to me and do not represent any body that I currently or have historically worked for.

What type of blogs?

The main focus of this website will be to publish blogs and academically researched articles on a fairly continual basis. These will always be well researched and well informed as well as thought provoking, if occasionally a little subjective and sympathetic to the Left, politically speaking.

The nature of the history content will focus on 19thC Scotland, predominantly Victorian Glasgow. Social history will be the key focus area here, specifically in relation to the effect of structural poverty on the lives of the working classes. Extensive primary research and never before seen sources will be utilised throughout most of this content.

Lastly, the content regarding football will focus on the Scottish game with specific reference to Celtic Football Club and the politicisation of some of their fans groups as well as the clubs anti-poverty history and present day community education ethos. Essentially, a celebration of Celtic FC Culture and ‘Celtic Mindedness’ will feature heavily throughout the site.

All of the written content produced here will be presented in a structured, coherent manner in keeping with my own sociological and subjective outlooks.

Lastly, I am also using this site to sell my art prints, all of which are hand-drawn one of a kind ink/pencil sketches on cartridge paper which are then digitally reproduced to a professional standard and framed. Please check out the Shop section of the menu for further details.

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All the best.