As well as my online blog content I am also available for the following events:

  • Public speaking
  • Guest lecturing
  • Academic lectures
  • Seminar style debates
  • Speaking at charity events
  • Family history research service available (£15 p/h)

I would also add value to the following:

  • Any public event where 19thC Scottish social or radical history is the focus of discussion.
  • Any public event where Scottish football, specifically Celtic FC, are the main focus of discussion.
  • Any public event where criminology and criminal justice are the main focus of discussion.

I have worked in adult education for over 10 years now within a teaching capacity and have had articles published with the Scottish Left Review and The Celtic Star.

Additionally, I carry out extensive Scottish history research with a particular focus on Victorian and early Edwardian Glasgow on a continual basis as well as research into the contemporary UK ‘Prison Estate’ environment.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to secure my services for any of the above or if you simply wish to enquire.